ARTstor announces export to PowerPoint (it works with Keynote too)

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The following is from ARTstor updates.

ARTstor has released a new feature to Instructor-level users that streamlines the process of exporting images and descriptive data from ARTstor. You may now export image groups to Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 in just a few clicks. When viewing an image group, look for the Export to PowerPoint icon (i-ppt.png) in the utility bar or click Tools > Export to PowerPoint. The resulting PowerPoint file will include:

* A title slide displaying the name of the image group.
* Individual slides for each image in the group, in the order in which they appear in the image group.
* ARTstor descriptive data for each image, appearing in the notes field of each slide.
* Embedded hyperlinks in each image that will launch the ARTstor Image Viewer when clicked in presentation mode (requires web access).

ARTstor has instituted certain export limits during the Beta period and will be evaluating the performance of this new feature over the fall semester. For more information, visit ARTstor Help ( or contact User Services at