America's Story from America's Library

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America's Story from America's LibraryU.S. Federal Document of the Month
April 2010

Title: America's Story from America's Library
Agency: Library of Congress
Written by Charmaine Henriques

Do you know how old Duke Ellington was when he wrote his first song? Who was the richest man in the United States in 1901? How about what was in Abraham Lincoln's pockets on the night he was assassinated? Well, April's U.S. Federal Document of the Month can answer those questions. America's Stories from America's Library is a delightful website created by the Library of Congress and designed to make learning about U.S. history fun for young people and entertaining for the not so young crowd.

The site is divided up into several sections; Amazing Americans is where one can learn about the inventors, politicians, performers, activist and other everyday people who made this country what it is today. Jump Back in Time, divides American history into 11 segments; Colonial America, Revolutionary Period, The New Nation, Western Expansion & Reform, Civil War, Reconstruction, Gilded Age, Progressive Era, Great War & Jazz Era, Depression WWII, and Modern Era. Each segment provides a timeline of historic events and additional cultural information. Exploring the States provides details about the different 50 states such as the states' seal, capital, flower, and name origins and also interesting factoids, such as how the hamburger was created and where was it first serve. Not to mention where and when did the ice cream come make its debut? Join America at Play describes some of America's favorite pastime such as baseball, photography and dancing. See, Hear and Swing features animation, children's songs and uncommon instruments. There are even games like You're the Animator where you can create a block of animation or Dynamite Presidents that lets you answer multiple choice questions about the Presidents who have their images carved into Mount Rushmore. So, if you are trying to get a youngster interested in U.S. history or just want to learn some interesting facts about the United States take a look at America's Stories from America's Library.

America's Story from America's LibraryMeet Amazing AmericansJump Back in TimeExplore the StatesJoin America at PlaySee, Hear and Sing

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