The Chicago Symphony Orchestra in Sound

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The Music Listening Center and Lab invite you to explore the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Before the end of the CSO's season this June, the esteemed orchestra will perform 15 programs, performing 42 great works of classical music.

The LC display highlights each CSO program, and includes CDs, LPs, books and scores – all ready for you to check out. Take time out to learn about one of the world's great symphony orchestras through its recording history. Listen to recordings, and go to a CSO concert a well-informed listener.

Also, be sure to check out the accompanying Naxos Music library Playlists. All 42 works are available, although not performed by the CSO.

Go to the Naxos Music Library, and click on "Playlists" just below the search box. The CSO playlists are kept in the Music Library Listening Center Exhibit folder.