Cupid on Campus

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Seems appropriate with Valentine’s Day around the corner to ask: How many of you personally have or know people who have met their spouse, partner, wife, husband, significant other in college? This is certainly one way Mighty EDU transforms lives.

According to the National Marriage Survey, college is still the place where 25 percent of men and 15 percent of women meet their first spouse, a steep decline from 50 years ago but still impressive. And, these stats omit second marriages, faculty hook-ups, admin nuptials, and, not to forget, the occasional faculty and student knot-tying. (Source from Dr. Sean Creighton's blog.)

Also, family scholars have long known that college graduates, as a whole, have more successful marriages than other persons, but there is not agreement as to why that is true. The mere experience of going to college may not have much effect on one’s ability to have a successful marriage (note the relatively low index value for persons who started, but did not complete, college). Rather, it may be that the characteristics conducive to successfully completing college (for instance, persistence, dependability, and intelligence) are also conducive to having a good marriage.

Read the National Marriage Survey report with This Ring, and individual reports for 25 different states.

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Sui Zhang