Black Women Writers

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Database update

NU alum Tananarive Due, Donna Brazile, Zane and others recently added to Black Women Writers collection from Alexander Street Press.

  • Mariana Ba, Un Chant Ecarlate, 1981, Senegal
  • Donna Brazile, Cooking With Grease: Stirring the Pots on American Politics, 2004, US
  • Tananarive Due, In the Night of the Heat, 2009, United States
  • Tananarive Due, Casnegra, 2007, United States
  • Lolita Files, Tastes Like Chicken, 2004, United States
  • Karen E. Wuinones Miller, Satin Doll, 2001, United States
  • Victoria Christopher Murray, The Ex Files, 2007, United States
  • Brenda L. Thomas, The Velvet Rope, 2005, United States
  • Zane, Total Eclipse of the Heart, 2009, United States
  • Zane, Addicted, 2001, United States
  • Zane, Shame on it All, 2003, United States

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