July is Anti-Boredom Month

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In 1984 Alan Caruba invented The Boring Institute as a spoof organization from which to satirize the media with annual lists of the most boring films of the year, predicting which new television shows would be a bore, and, most famously, a list of the year’s most boring celebrities.. An outgrowth of that was National Anti-Boredom Month though the original creator or source has not been identified. Nonetheless, National Boredom Month is too good to pass up for the lack of a proper citation.

Let's face it, many things are boring but actual boredom is a personal experience. Hence, how to combat boredom is really up to the individual. There is a wonderful list of things to do to combat boredom. Some favorites include: make sound effects for stuff; make your feet talk to each other; wear two different socks or shoes and see if anyone notices; or play bottle cap hockey with pens as the sticks and a bottle cap as the puck and so forth. You can see where this is going and we have highlighted many more on our ABC (Anti-Boredom Calendar) or on a handout available in Gov Info at Northwestern University. However, the list is far from exhaustive. Please feel free to submit some other ideas that might be added to the list to enhance the quality of a not-boring life to benefit others that might be boredom challenged..

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