How to find books in Africana - the 900s!

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Within the Dewey Decimal classification system, the 900s are books on and of history, geography, and biography, and the call numbers 960-969 are specifically devoted to the history, geography, and biography of Africa. Naturally, we have quite a lot of books in this call number range! Each individual number within the 960s belongs to a specific country or group of countries. Behold the amazing organization!

* 961 General history of Africa; Tunisia & Libya
* 962 General history of Africa; Egypt & Sudan
* 963 General history of Africa; Ethiopia
* 964 General history of Africa; Morocco & Canary Islands
* 965 General history of Africa; Algeria
* 966 General history of Africa; West Africa & offshore islands
* 967 General history of Africa; Central Africa & offshore islands
* 968 General history of Africa; Southern Africa
* 969 General history of Africa; South Indian Ocean islands [List from Wikipedia]

While this isn't a perfect or perfectly-executed system, it is good to keep in mind if you want to browse for books on a specific country or region. Naturally, books within the 900s are in a few different areas within Africana. The regular sized and large books from 960-967 are in 5E, the regular sized books from 969-999 are in the Africana Annex in lower level (room B251), and the large books from 968-999 are in the Africana lower level area.

To focus for the moment on the regular size 900s, according to all their possible locations, there are really three different "kinds" of 900s books: 1. 900-966s & 968s. 2. 967s. 3. 969-999s. Do not fear; we'll go through each category and method one by one. The method remains much like that for finding books in the 300s and 800s, but there are some variations, which I will outline below.

Remember, the basic method is:

1. Confirm the location code (and that the book is not checked out).
2. Check the white-labeled regular shelving
3. Check the gold-labeled gold extended shelving
4. Check the book trucks that are labeled 900s
5. If you can't find it, ask for help or report the book missing at circulation.

900-966s & 968s

As is the case in the 800s, there is one call number range that is almost always separated out from the other numbers in this range: the 966s. We acquire a lot of books and periodicals in this range, which are often books from or about Nigeria, due to some strong relationships we have with vendors in the area. Because of the quantity of 966s we have, we find it easier to look for them if those books in the 966s are put on their own trucks. The 900s and 966s trucks are located near the gold section and the large books.


These books were recently shifted in the regular shelving area due to the construction of an "area of refuge" in the back stairwell for handicapped persons in the event of a fire or emergency. This displaced a large number of 967s; in fact, if you are in our regular shelving area, you will notice that the call numbers jump from 966.9s to 967.5s. Those 967s are now located near the entrance of the tower, near the Reference Desk and vertical file cabinets, and the area is marked with signs that say "Additional books found here 967s." Books in this call number range are no longer shelved in the gold section, so you don't even have to bother looking there!


These books are shelved in the Africana Annex, Room B251, along the front wall of the room. These books are only shelved in this area, so you don't need to look anywhere else!

There you have it - the 900s, illuminated! Next up: Lower level!