How to find books in the Africana lower level area

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Some number of years ago it had become apparent we had outgrown our space in 5E, and we were given a large amount of space in the basement, formally referred to on NUcat as the lower level area. As was mentioned a few entries ago, in our lower level area are regular sized materials with call numbers 000s, 100s, 200s, 400s, 500s, 600s, large 000s-200s, 400s-600s, and 968-999s. Just last year we acquired more space in the basement in the form of what is now called the Africana annex, room B251, located near our the lower level area, where our collection of Africana reference books, bibliographies, and regular sized 700s is shelved.

In the general lower level storage area, the books are shelved on compact shelving. This lets us fit more books into a given area than we could have on normal fixed shelving. You will not get trapped and crushed if someone moves the shelving while you're in there. I promise.

The shelving pattern in this lower level area is, for the most part, relatively straightforward. As with all other Africana titles:

1. Confirm the location (i.e. that the book is in lower level storage) and size (large versus regular sized).
2. Check the compact shelving area, or, if the book in the Africana Annex, check the shelf in room B251.
3. In the lower level area, if the regular size book you're looking for isn't on the shelf, check section 21. Section 21 is the lower level area equivalent of the "gold section" in 5E - it's an extended shelving area for books that no longer fit in their regular place on the shelf. If the large size book you're looking for isn't on the shelf, check the large overflow area at the very end of the Africana shelving.
4. If you can't find it, report the book missing at circulation or call us from the phone near our lower level shelving area to ask for help.

That's it! Doesn't that seem easy compared to 5E?

Next up: large books!