How to find large books in Africana

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You may be wondering why large books are always separated from their regular size call number counterparts. It's simple, and based on size. Large books take up more shelf space and need taller shelves than regular sized books. It's this way throughout the library; blue labels at the ends of the shelves (and the L in front of a large book's call number - i.e. L325.6 A8) show you that you need to look in the large stacks rather than regular.

The large books in Africana are in two different locations. Generally speaking, the large 300s, 700s, 800s, and 900-967s are in 5E; the large 000-200s, 400s-600s, and 968-999s are in lower level. There are some oddballs that are in lower level despite their "5E" call number range, which is why it's so important to confirm the location of the book you're looking for.

The method for finding large books is simpler than that for finding regular sized books:

1. Confirm the location.
2. Check the shelf in the large shelving area (blue labels!)
3. If the book is in 5E, check the trucks (usually in the large shelving area)
4. For 966s and 967s, check the overflow areas near the current periodicals; if the large book is in lower level, check the overflow area at the very end of the Africana shelving.
5. Can't find it? Report it missing at circulation or ask for help.

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