Mapping the World's Ocean Reefs

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WRI (World Resources Institutute) an environmental think tank which organizes its work around four goals: Climate Protection; Governance & Access;Markets & Enterprise;People & Ecosystems.
WRI was launched June 3, 1982 as a center for policy research and analysis addressed to global resource and environmental issues.

Mapping has always played an important role in the study and management of the earth's resources.
With current satellite technology and mapping software such as Google Earth and GIS, the level of detail and potential for formerly unattainable insight and understanding has never been greater.

WRI is spearheading a broad collaboration of leading conservation organizations and research institutes to conduct a global, map-based analysis of threats to the world’s coral reefs called Reefs at Risk Revisited. This update of our influential 1998 analysis, Reefs at Risk – a Map-Based Indicator of Threats to the World’s Coral Reefs, will provide a detailed examination of human pressures on coral reefs, implications for reef condition, and projections of associated socioeconomic impacts in coastal communities.