Julie Rudder selected as Kaplan Fellow for 2011-2012

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Congratulations to Julie Rudder, Outreach and Training Specialist in our Digital Collections Department, upon her appointment as the 2011-12 Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities Library Fellow. Julie’s proposal, “Light! Visual Arts Practice and the Aesthetics of Power,” was selected by this year’s review panel from among this year’s applications. The jury praised its great scholarly and creative promise and how it meshes nicely with the broad humanities agenda of the Kaplan Institute.

Julie’s fellowship work will be closely connected with her exhibition project Light!. Julie’s research and writing during her fellowship year will be devoted to strengthening the conceptual framework of the exhibit and preparing a paper on the work of these artists, inquiring into their use of light and how that use perpetuates or breaks with historical tradition. Do these artists still employ classical strategies, such as those used by Caravaggio in his famous The Calling of St. Matthew? How do these artists use their knowledge of light's historical connotations to engage viewers in new ways? Are there new associations that become relevant as we spend more and more time in a digital environment?

Northwestern University Library’s close association with the Kaplan Humanities Institute now goes back over fifteen years. It reminds us all of the strong relationship between teaching and research at Northwestern—and of the University Library as a locus of learning and exploration. The Kaplan Institute Fellowship recognizes our staff not only as custodians of the research of others but also as qualified researchers in our own right.

Julie’s term as Kaplan Institute Fellow begins on September 1, 2011. She will be succeeding D.J. Hoek, who has been our Fellow during the current year, and whose project “From Bird to Cage” on the history of Dial Records and its groundbreaking recordings of contemporary jazz and modern classical music is being presented at the Kaplan Institute and in the Library this spring.

Thanks to fellow jury members D.J. Hoek (as current fellow) and Nicole Finzer (as Assembly representative) for their work on this year’s selection.

But above all: Congratulations, Julie, and best of luck for a successful fellowship year!