Guidelines for Equipment Lending from Digital Collections

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1. Eligibility:  Digital Collections equipment loans are free of charge and available only to current faculty, graduate students, and NU staff with valid Wildcards. Only the faculty, graduate students and NU staff may handle or use the equipment while it is on loan.  Equipment is lent to an individual who assumes the financial risk for the complete equipment set until all equipment is returned.
2.  Equipment usage:  Equipment is available for curricular and extra-curricular purposes.  Equipment may be used both on-campus and off-campus. All patrons are expected to adhere to all computing policies as described at  Northwestern University Library assumes no liability for misuse of borrowed equipment.
3. Equipment reserve, pick up and return:  Equipment can be reserved up to one month in advance, and recurring reservations can not be accommodated.  Equipment must be reserved via email or telephone to the Digital Collections Department.  Proxy users will not be permitted to pick up or drop off equipment. Equipment not picked up within one hour of the specified pickup time may be checked out by other patrons. Equipment may not be picked up or returned at any other location - only at Digital Collections in 2 East Tower.  Equipment must be picked up and returned during open hours, 8:30-5:30 pm Monday-Friday.  
4. Loan period: The standard loan period is up to 72 hours. Longer loan durations of up to one week will be approved in special circumstances.  Loan durations of over one week are not allowed except through written appeal and approvals.  To submit a request for longer loan periods, please email explaining your need and the  equipment requested.  Once equipment is returned to the Digital Collections Department and checked by staff, an item may be borrowed again, if available.
5. Training: Patrons are required to complete a 10 minute, in-person training with Digital Collections staff before borrowing equipment for the first time.  To ensure staff are available, please make an appointment for this training.  Appointments can be made via email or phone and are only available during open hours, 8:30-5:30 pm Monday-Friday.
6. Signed statement:  Patrons are required to sign a statement acknowledging receipt of the equipment and the terms of the loan before equipment is lent - including financial responsibility for damaged or lost equipment and fees for late return.  Equipment will be checked by Digital Collections staff to confirm its good condition before loan is made.  
7. Fines and Fees: Patrons are financially liable for any items not returned on time or returned requiring repair or replacement. For items not returned on time, a late fine of $25 per day will accrue for the first week. The full replacement cost will be charged for all equipment not returned by one week after its due date.
      a. All fines related to repair and replacement costs will be charged to the person who checked out the equipment.  
      b. Fines are invoiced, and payable by credit or debit card only. 
8. Receipt upon return:  When equipment is returned, DC staff will inspect all equipment for visual damage or missing items.  Patrons will receive a return receipt that acknowledges return of all items, or notes any exceptions. Equipment return may take up to 10 minutes to check all equipment components and cables. The patron is expected to stay until the return process is complete and the return receipt is generated. Patrons are financially liable for any missing cables or components, including items or damage discovered after the generation of the return receipt.  
9. New service:  Equipment lending to faculty is a new service, thus guidelines and procedures may change.  Availability of equipment is dependent on future funding.