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Northwestern Faculty and Students Study Darwin

September — December 2008


Faculty and students whose works are exhibited in this case include David L. Hull, Errol E. Harris, William Locy, Stephen Eisenman, and dissertations by Philip Dean Appleman and Julius Rowan Raper.

David L. Hull, Dressler Professor in the Humanities Emeritus, taught philosophy of science at Northwestern for many years.  Three of his works are included in the exhibit.

In addition to the works displayed in this case, Hull authored and edited numerous other works, including Philosophy of Biological Science (Prentice-Hall, 1974); The Metaphysics of Evolution (State University of New York Press, 1989); Science and Selection : Essays on Biological Evolution and the Philosophy of Science (Cambridge, 2001); and Science as a Process : an Evolutionary Account of the Social and Conceptual Development of Science (University of Chicago, 1988).  A volume of essays in his honor, What the Philosophy of Biology is: Essays Dedicated to David Hull, edited by Michael Ruse, appeared in 1989.

Errol E. Harris (1908-    ) taught philosophy at Northwestern from 1966 to 1976, where he was named John Evans Professor of Moral and Intellectual Philosophy.  Harris's numerous works included Apocalypse and Paradigm: Science and Everyday Thinking (Praeger, 2000); Nature, Mind, and Modern Science (Macmillan, 1954); Hypothesis and Perception; the Roots of Scientific Method (Humanities Press, 1974); and Revelation through Reason: Religion in the Light of Science and Philosophy (Yale University Press, 1958).  A volume of essays in his honor,  Dialectic and Contemporary Science: Essays in Honor of Errol E. Harris, edited, and with an introduction by Philip T. Grier, appeared in 1989.  The work displayed in this case is

William Locy (1857-1924) supervised the elementary course in biology at Northwestern as long as he was at the University, and introduced courses on the anatomy and physiology of the cell, the central nervous system, and in the history of biology. He wrote three books: Biology and Its Makers (1908; Ger. trans., 1915; 3rd ed., 1922), The Main Currents of Zoology (1918), and The Story of Biology (1925), an expansion of Part I of Biology and Its Makers.  His papers are available in the University Archives, located in the Deering lIbrary.  Two of Locy's works are displayed in the exhibit:

Stephen Eisenman, Professor of Art History and a specialist in 19th century art, edited the book displayed in this case.  This volume is a catalog of an exhibit  "Design in the Age of Darwin:  From William Morris to Frank Lloyd Wright," which was held in the Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art's Main Gallery, Print, Drawing, and Photography Studies Center, and Ellen Phillips Katz and Howard C. Katz Gallery, Northwestern University, May 9-August 24, 2008.  The book is:

Two dissertations in English are displayed in this case: