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Basic Chinese Reference Collection

Recent Additions to the Main Library Collection

January 2009-May 2009


The basic Chinese reference collection covers Chinese language titles in the following subjects: history, language and literature, fine arts and art history, political science, religion, business, and economics. It includes approximately 300 dictionaries, encyclopedias, gazetteers, thesauri, indexes, bibliographies, and biographies of historical figures. In this case, we display book jackets from several of these works. All the titles in the Chinese reference collection are accessible via the Northwestern University Library catalog (NUcat).

The collection was purchased in late 2007 with a generous grant from Northwestern University Library Board of Governors.

An approximate translation of each title displayed in this case is provided on the labels which accompany the book jackets.

Dictionary of Chinese Medicine (Beijing, 2003)
Call number:  610.95103 Z63

China Gazetteers (Beijing, 2002)
 Call number:  915.1003 Z63

Dictionary of the Development of Chinese Communist Party (Jinan, 2001)
Call number: 324.25107 Z63

Dictionary of Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties ' Poetry (Shanghai, 2002)
Call number:  895.11409 Y937

Dictionary of Chinese Classics (Shanghai, 1997)
Call number: 895.1209 G896

Dictionary of Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties'   Poems (Shanghai, 1994)
 Call number: 895.11409 Y94

Anthology of 500 Ming and Qing Dynasties' Novels (Shanghai, 2005)
Call number: 895.13408 W959

Dictionary of Chinese Classical Novels (Shanghai, 2004)
Call number: 895.13009 G8957

Dictionary of Yuan Dynasty's Plays (Shanghai, 2006)
Call number: 895.124409 Y94