Organizing Items With Tags

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Tags are useful for organizing Course Reserve items. Use keywords or phrases to group items together within a course. Tags can be added to a Course Reserve item when filling out the initial request form or they can be added after the item is made available.

There are two types of tags for Course Reserve items: Instructor and Personal. Instructor tags can only be added by instructors and they can be viewed by both the Instructor and the students enrolled in the course. Personal tags can be added by students or instructors to organize Course Reserve items privately.

1: Navigate to Course Reserves (help with this step for Canvas or Blackboard)

2: Instructor tags can be added when filling out the request a reserve item form (help with requesting items)


3: Example of the Tags field in the form to request a Video item. Please note that each tag can be single words or phrases, and each tag is separated by a comma.


4: Filter items by their tags on the Course Reserves page by clicking the tags indicated below. The item displayed in the "Reserve Items" box shows the tags associated with it. Click the item's title to add, edit or remove tags.


5: Add, edit or remove tags in the text boxes. Make your changes by clicking the "Modify Tags" button. Tags must be deleted one at a time.


6: Search tags from any Course Reserve page by entering a word or phrase and selecting "Tags" before hitting the "Search" button.


7: The Search Results page displays any items with tags that match the search terms.