Viewing Items in Course Reserves or Library Media

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Students and instructors can view digitized articles and book chapters in Course Reserves. In addition, they can also view some streaming video or audio in Course Reserves; however, in 2014 the library introduced a new streaming site called Library Media. As a result, some videos or audio tracks may be in Course Reserves and some may be in Library Media until all content is transferred into the Library Media site.


To view material in Course Reserves

1. Navigate to Course Reserves (get help with this step for Canvas or Blackboard).

2. Look at the items' status. If the status is "Item Available on Electronic Reserves," like Riverdance below, you can watch it now in Course Reserves. (If the status says "View in Library Media Module," like The Great Gatsby here, look further down this page for Library Media instructions.)

Viewing items in Course Reserves

3. Click on the item title. On the new page, choose "View this item" at the top of the details box.

Opening an item to view it

4. If you are on campus (in an office, in the library, etc.), choose the link marked "on or off campus" (the second one in this screenshot.) A new window will pop up and start playing the video after a moment. If you are off campus, or if you only see one version of the movie available, choose the link labeled "on or off campus" and make sure you have RealPlayer installed. (Need help with RealPlayer or with getting the video to play? Click here!)

Links to view the film

To view material in Library Media

Videos and audio may appear in a new area called Library Media instead. If you are looking at requests in Course Reserves, you can tell if an item is available in Library Media when its status says "View in Library Media Module."

1. If you are using Blackboard, navigate to Library Resources in the left-hand menu. Click on Library Media, the second item in the list under the link to Course Reserves.

Library Resources link

2. When you are warned that you are leaving Blackboard, click the pink "Launch" button. This will take you to your course's video and audio collection in our repository.

Video collection site

3. Click on the title or image to open the video, and then press the play button. The video will play in the browser wherever you are, with no software needed.

Playing video in repository