Student/Temporary Employee Checklist

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Checklist for Student / Temporary Employee Orientation:

  • Paper work complete in Libary Personnel Office
  • Determine hours for Student/Temporary Employee
  • Tour of Department and essential/pertinent places
  • Communication shared by student and supervisor
    • Contact information of student/temporary employee
    • Contact information of supervisor (you) and other in department
  • Departmental Training & Policies
    • Time clock
    • KRONOS
    • Discuss end of school of year evaluation process
      • (Optional) Perform an end of first quarter progress report
    • Checklist of training modules (projects) for your office
    • Explanation of Work/Study award (award amount & hourly rate determines number of hours student can work) if applicable
  • Staff introduction
  • Create calendar for student/temporary work schedule in:
    • Outlook
    • Google
    • Excel Spreadsheet
    • or use whatever software of choice - as long as others who need to know the schedule of your student/temporary  worker can access this information
  • Safety and Emergency Information
  • NOTE - students / temporary employee confidential information is to be shredded.

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