Digital Image Library

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The Digital Image Library (DIL) is an image database that houses over 114,000 high resolution images with item-level description. The DIL allows faculty to create, present, and share image presentations with the ability to add personal images.  Right now the Digital Image Library is presented and managed through the MDID web application.  Efforts are underway to develop a new version of the Digital Image Library that uses Hydra as a front-end tool and Fedora as the digital repository.  Within this system library staff can provide VRACore compliant item-level description through a custom-built metadata editor.  Other technologies used in DIL include Blacklight and Solr.

Related to this project, the library is developing a management workflow system called the Production Services and Delivery System (PSDS). PSDS is built using Drupal and will allow staff to organize workflow as well as add and deliver image content through the digital repository.