Research projects

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Classicizing Chicago

The library partnered with professor Kathryn Bosher to develop the Classicizing Chicago website. The Classicizing Chicago database is a faculty publishing platform that primarily manages data through two open source technologies: web interfaces for creating, editing and viewing content built in a customized Drupal content management system paired with a Fedora Commons digital repository for preservation and media access.


Imagination Without Borders

The library created Imagination Without Borders for faculty member Laura Hein, to accompany her recent book project. The site was built using a Drupal content management system with link to high resolution images residing our Fedora Commons digital repository. More about this site from the website: This website introduces the work of Japanese visual artist Tomiyama Taeko and, to a lesser extent, the paintings and prints of Maruki Toshi & Maruki Iri and Eleanor Rubin. All four think of themselves as political artists and see their work as a protest against social injustice and the suffering such injustice causes. All four were deeply affected by World War II and their art reflects their shared belief that war is a disaster for everyone.


Chicago Homer

The Chicago Homer is a multilingual database that uses the search and display capabilities of electronic texts to make the distinctive features of Early Greek epic accessible to readers with and without Greek. In addition to all the texts of ancient Greek epic in the original Greek the Chicago Homer includes English and German translations, in particular Lattimore's translation of the Iliad, Daryl Hine's translations of Hesiod and the Homeric Hymns, and the German translations of the Iliad and Odyssey by Johan Heinrich Voss. Through the associated web site Eumaios users of the Chicago Homer can also from each line of the poem access pertinent Iliad Scholia and papyrus readings.

DVaction: Digital Video to Assist Chemistry Teachers and Instructors Online

DVAction is a database of digital video and images comprised of techniques and equipment used in the general chemistry laboratory. It is a free resource designed for instructors to aid in the development of multimedia materials for their courses. Instructors can quickly link to any video segment or image (called objects) within the database or easily copy an object from the database into their own materials. The database is ideally suited for the creation of multimedia lecture presentations and online laboratory manuals and quizzes.

Vesalius: On the Fabric of the Human Body

The March 2003 release of the first book of this online edition marks a significant milestone in the life of the Vesalius project at Northwestern. Translators Daniel Garrison and Malcolm Hast have been working on the Fabrica for more than ten years. Early in 2001, they teamed up with staff at Northwestern's Galter Health Sciences Library, the University Library on the Evanston campus, and Academic Technologies to publish the first book of their new translation online. While Garrison and Hast expect to publish On The Fabric of the Human Body in print, they felt it was critical that their work be made available as translation progresses. In addition, using the Web as a publication medium greatly enhances the environment in which readers can interact with the text and with Vesalius' beautiful, intricate drawings.