On Campus Video Link Support for Mac OSX 10.7+ Users (Lion and above)

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If you have installed the Java Update 2012-006 (1.6.0_37) from Apple, please note that this update will remove the Apple-provided Java applet plugin from all web browsers.  This means On Campus Video delivered via Course Reserves from Digital Collections will not work.  
In order to view this content you must download Java and install it manually.  Please follow the directions below.  
***Please note this will not work for Chrome, only Firefox and Sarafi will be able to deliver On Campus Video. 
1.  If you click on an On Campus Link you will see the following error "Missing Plug-in"
2.  Click on the arrow to the right.
3.  Click "More Info" to be directed to the Java install page. 

4.  Click "Agree and Start Download".
5.  Click "Save File" as shown below.

6.  Double click on the DMG file you just saved.  
7.  Double click on the icon to install Java 7 update and click through the install process.  
8.  Next close down your browser and reopen it.
9.  Locate the resource/link you want to access.  
10. Check "Always trust content from this publisher" and click "Run" as shown below.  
11.  The video should now play.