Bike Theft

New tech and future bikes will help conscientious consumers stick it to bike thieves.

Bicycle Hazards

Steel road plates suck. With Chicago doing some much needed repair work on the roads they are quite literally everywhere, but they need not be a hazard to cyclists.

Parked Bicycles

Copenhagen is one of the best places in the world to be a cyclist but there is a downside - thousands of parked bicycles. Sometimes it gets out of control.

Bike locks of the future

One less key to have on your janitor style belt clip: Bike locks of the future.

Bicycle Time!

With much of the country struggling with winter snow, ice and frigid temperatures let’s turn our attention to spring and summer bicycle riding and a couple of recent stories that remind me th

Bike Lanes and Bike Accident Severity

Bike Thieves

Since moving to Chicago, my coworkers have warned me against bicycle thieves. Even if your bike is secured with a gold standard U-lock, thieves can still strip your bike with Piranha like vigor.

Bikes Belong

National outdoor gear and apparel retailer REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) has awarded a $100,000 grant to the Bikes Belong Foundation to expand its Green Lane Project.

Not Your Typical Hurricane Sandy Story

More bikes, less cars – the present for Italy

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