Finding Materials

How to find large books in Africana

You may be wondering why large books are always separated from their regular size call number counterparts. It's simple, and based on size.

How to find books in the Africana lower level area

Some number of years ago it had become apparent we had outgrown our space in 5E, and we were given a large amount of space in the basement, formally referred to on NUcat as the lower level area.

How to find books in Africana - the 900s!

Within the Dewey Decimal classification system, the 900s are books on and of history, geography, and biography, and the call numbers 960-969 are specifically devoted to the history, geography, an

How to find books in Africana - the 800s!

Books of and on literature are classed in 800s call number range within the Dewey Decimal system, and the Africana library has many, many English and French fiction titles (the 823s and 843s, res

How to find books in Africana - the 300s!

As you may have noticed, we have a bit of a space problem in Africana.

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