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Retirement Announcement: Mary Kay Geary

Please join me in extending best wishes to Mary Kay Geary, who retired from the Library on April 29 after 15 years of service.

Exploring Northwestern’s “Special” Library Databases

Northwestern University’s Transportation Library reached a milestone on December 27, 2012, when Ron Carrier, NUTL’s Cataloging Assistant, created

The NU Transportation Center Digital Collection

The Northwestern University Transportation Library (NUTL), in partnership with Northwe

2010 Annual Mobility Report

The 2010 Annual Mobility Report is available from the Texas Transportation Institute.
Highlights quoted in the press release include:

Airport sustainability

Portland International Airport continues to spearhead the sustainability movement in airport and transportation construction projects.

Desert Transport

In the early days of settlement in the American Southwest, there was a dearth of transport suitable to the climate. The available pack animals were unable to withstand the rigors of the desert.

Let's count those short trips

Another recently published report from the Victoria Transit Policy Institute (VTPI) "Short and Sweet: Analysis of Shorter Trips Using National Personal Travel Survey Data&q

A dissenting view for privatizing public transit

The Victoria Transit Policy Institute (VTPI) recently published the report "Contrasting Visions of Urban Transport: Critique of 'Fixing Transit: The Case For Privatization" (

Take a Look at a Book

Say it isn't so…

This recent New York article describes how the much touted New York
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