Blogging on Air Quality and Transportation

If you're interested in non-political discussion of air quality and transportation issues, look into Alan Kandel's blog, Air Quality Mattters, on th


For Your Amusement


Transportation Eye Candy

Continuing with the transportation inspired slide show theme, presents us with the best cars, motorcycles, airplanes and boats of 2011.

Perhaps we should bike to work

The recently published article “Your commute is killing you” in present several studies and findings

In honor of “Bike to Work Week”

This past spring the Region 2 - University Transportation Research Center released a comprehensive and very interesting report titled "Analysis of bicycling trends and policies in large N

Take a Look at a Book

The Transportation Library has acquired The Docks, by Bill Sharpsteen.

NASA's new Global Hawk

The Global Hawk was originally produced in 1998 as an unmanned military airplane.

Our Road Trip Issue: Old Illinois Highway Maps and Cost of Gas

The Illinois State Library has created a digital collection of 64 state highway maps dating from 1917 through 2008. You can access the collection at the Illinois Digital Archives site a

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