Circulation Recall Policy

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To ensure equitable access to its collections to all users, the library provides a recall service which shortens the loan period of materials charged to one borrower so that they can be used by another borrower. All charged items are subject to recall at any time, and must be returned by the recall due date. When an item has been requested for recall by another user, the borrower to whom it is currently charged is notified by e-mail or mail that they must return the item within 7 days of the date of recall. (Items that are already due in 10 days or less keep their original due date and cannot be renewed.) Once the recalled item is returned, it is placed on hold for the requesting patron, who is sent a notice that the book is available to be picked up.

This recall policy applies to all normal loan materials borrowed by any patron of NU libraries, regardless of patron status. When a patron does not return a recalled book by the date specified on the recall notice, their account is automatically blocked from renewing or checking out new books, and an overdue fine of $1 per day is assessed in most cases. Items that are already past due when they are recalled immediately cause a block on the patron's account.

Each patron is held responsible for the timely return of recalled items at all times of the year, including holidays, vacations, and intersessions. There is no grace period for overdue recalled items. Once a recalled book is overdue by 30 days, it is considered "lost" by the library system. Items that go to "lost" status automatically generate a bill for the replacement cost of the item, a non-refundable $10 processing fee, and a non-refundable maximum overdue fine of $30.

Patrons with borrowing privileges may place recalls by contacting the Main Circulation Desk.

We encourage users considering a recall to pursue other options for requesting materials, such as Uborrow. Requests made through Uborrow typically arrive faster than recalled items.