Evanston Faculty Book and Multimedia Delivery

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Requests for pickup or delivery may be placed through NUsearch.

To place a request in NUsearch, sign in with your NetID and password. Click on the "Locations" link in the search results to view request options. Select "Delivery - Evanston Faculty"  as your pickup location. First time users of the service or those whose office address has recently changed should submit this information in the comments field.

To place your request from the NUsearch record, simply click on the “Request” button, located in the dark blue toolbar near the top of the page. Log in to your account and follow the instructions. To have an item sent to your office, choose "Delivery - Evanston Faculty" from the dropdown menu in the "Pick Up At" field. First time users of the service or those wo have recently changed offices should submit this information in the comments field.

Books and multimedia items are checked out to NU faculty and delivered to an Evanston campus office.

Rules and Restrictions

  • Deliveries are sent via University Mail Services, which does not operate on Saturday or Sunday. In time-sensitive cases, please take into account that this is a service of convenience, not necessarily of speed.
  • Items are checked out to faculty immediately before shipping. Please keep this in mind when requesting multimedia items, which have a 14-day loan period.
  • Standard recall policy turnaround time applies for materials checked out to another patron
  • You may return items via mail (including intercampus mail). If returned by mail, Multimedia items must be sent in bubble envelopes or the packaging in which they were delivered.
  • This service does not include items from the CORE collection, or items on Reserve at any location.