Workshops and Presentations

Printer-friendly versionSend by emailHere are two examples of past copyright presentations: Copyright and your research (Research Resources Forum 2012, geared to incoming PhD students) and Copyright in 10 minutes or less (used for various short presentations to graduate students).


Burright, M., Calkins, J., and Carrigan, H. (2010) "Taking the Mystery Out of A Publishing Contract: Tools to Help you Make the Most of Your Scholarship." Faculty session in the Scholarly Resources & Technologies Series. Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. Powerpoint

Burright, M., Michaelson, R. (2009) "Reading and Negotiating a Publisher Agreement." Faculty brown-bag session for the departments of Chemistry, Physics, Neurobiology & Physiology, and Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, & Cell Biology (BMBCB). Northwestern University. Evanston, IL. Powerpoint

Burright, M., Calkins, J.W., Bennett, R., Mendez, D., Perry, L., Sellberg, R. (2009) "Copyright and Your Dissertation." Panel discussion co-sponsored with The Graduate School. Northwestern University. Evanston, Il. Powerpoint

Burright, M., Austin, K., Calkins, J.W., Carrigan, H., and Pritchard, S. (2009) "The Google Book Settlement: Ramifications for Authors." Panel discussion. Northwestern University. Evanston, IL. Powerpoint

Copyright, Fair Use and Licensing, February 22, 2005
2East New Technology Series. Presenters: Charlotte Cubbage, John Blosser and Claire Stewart

Thinking about Digital Rights Management, March 2004
Claire Stewart
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