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Center staff and affiliates are available for consultations anywhere on campus, or by phone or email. The Center is housed in the second floor (2 East) of the University Library. Project teams can reserve the Center’s collaboration commons for meetings and video confer-encing. A digital media lab is available for digitization and production work.  Some of our services include:

Understanding Copyright
What is the term of copyright in the United States, and what is the procedure for determining if something is in the public domain? Experts in the Center offer guidance in determining copyright status, understanding fair use, and determining when to seek permission to reuse a work.

Data Management Planning
Some federal funding agencies now require that grant proposals include a data management plan. Experts in the Center can assist investigators in developing research data management plans and strategies. For more, see our page on data management plans.

Author Rights Consultation
Academic authors who do not retain their copyrights may not be able to post copies on their web sites or reuse their articles in other settings. Many publishing contracts ask authors to transfer their copyright, but it may be possible to negotiate this and other terms of the agreement.

What is an impact factor, and what does it say about the reach and value of published research? Understand the appropriate use of impact factors, h-index, citation analysis and other bibliometric tools.

Open Access & Self-Archiving
Open access provides access to research results without payment. Center experts can guide authors through options for open access publishing or making copies of research results openly available through public web pages and repositories.

NIH Public Access Policy
Investigators with NIH grants are required to comply with the NIH Public Access Policy and deposit final versions of their electronic, peer-reviewed manuscripts no later than 12 months after publication. This policy is in effect for all grants awarded after 2008. See the Feinberg School of Medicine's Galter Health Sciences Library's guide to the NIH policy for more information and details about how to comply. Faculty and research administrators on the Evanston campus can contact Steve Adams, Life Sciences Librarian, or Cunera Buys, E-Science Librarian, for additional help and guidance. Feinberg faculty and research administrators can contact Pam Shaw, Biosciences and Bioinformatics Librarian at the Galter Health Sciences Library.

Digital Publishing & Research Tools
Digital tools and platforms enable new kinds of scholarly research and publishing. Center experts are available for consultation and collaboration on digital publishing projects, and to help scholars find and use new digital research tools. 

Informational Services
Center staff and affiliates stay as current as possible about issues, trends, and activities in scholary communications and maintain a robust presence online—writing on issues, bookmarking articles, sharing our presentations, posting official guides, and, of course, tweeting. For more, check out our Links