Course Reserves

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Reserve materials are held at and checked out from the Main Circulation Desk.

The Main Library's Reserve service allows instructors to set aside books and articles for class use, or make articles or book excerpts available through Canvas. Reserve lists may contain required and/or recommended reading for Northwestern courses.

Electronic Reserve

All electronic reserve requests are made through the Course Reserves tool found under Library Resources in your course site in CanvasFor help getting started, see our help pages. Help is also available via phone 847-491-7681847-491-7681 Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

A library staff member may need to enroll in your course to provide support as needed. Canvas automatically will notify you that the staff is enrolled as "Instructor" but it is actually as the "Support" role. Library staff un-enroll when they have finished.  

Use NU Search to find books and DVDs on Reserve

Electronic reserve readings are available through Canvas

Main Library Reserve Services for Faculty

Regular Reserve 

Regular Reserve enables your class to equitably share items without the worry of tracking down books in the NU Library system. Reserve enhances the accessibility of items for your students, by enabling them to check out class materials from a central location for a short loan period.

Lists should be submitted three weeks before the beginning of the quarter so we can best serve the diverse needs of numerous instructors and their students. 

Reserve Services complies with current copyright law and practice. See Reserve and Copyright for more information.

See Regular Reserve Guidelines for full details of this service.


eReserve provides NU students access to digital documents such as book chapters and articles  through the Blackboard Course Management System.

Please request article and book chapters for electronic reserve via Canvas:  Course Reserves under Library Resources (see help).

Access:  Links/access to articles and book chapters are through the same tool (Course Reserves) it was requested (see help). Students will access the Course Reserves tool under LIbrary Resources in their course site (see help).

Reserve is NOT responsible for the construction or support of Canvas; technical support is handled through the NUIT Support Center at 847-491-4357847-491-4357 (1-HELP). 

Copyright law places some restrictions on Reserve use of copyrighted material, particularly use by eReserve.  See Reserve and Copyright for more information.

Requests should be submitted 3 weeks before the date for which the reading requested is needed.  If this is not possible, the processing during less busy periods can be expedited if you supply high-quality photocopies to Reserve (including copyright page and title page) as well as a full citation of the source.

**Please include a date by which each item should be available to your students.  In order to serve all faculty equitably, we are generally unable to process an entire quarter's eReserve request at one time.

Audio & Video Streaming

Requests for Audio and Video Streaming are submitted through the same system in your course site as electronic reserve requests.