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Wireless | Wired Connections


Northwestern's wireless network provides secure, mobile Internet access for faculty, staff, and students from hundreds of access points on both campuses including the University Library buildings.

  1. Configure your device
  2. When your laptop searches for available networks, choose from the following Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs):


This is the new wireless SSID available for faculty, staff, and students. This network is the most secure, does not need VPN, and requires a NetID. Your computer must accept 802.1x/WPA2 technical standards. See Wireless Access Computer Requirements to determine if your laptop complies.


This SSID should be used by guests and visitors who have a temporary NetID; or faculty, staff, and students with laptops that do not meet 802.1x/WPA2 technical standards. This SSID requires the use of VPN.

Wired Connections

There are more than 90 wired (ethernet) connections throughout various library buildings that allow users to connect to the University network and the Internet. You will need to have an Ethernet cable to connect to this network. Ethernet cables are available for loan from the John P. McGowan Information Commons desk.

Once you physically connect to the network, boot up your laptop and connect to the Internet, the NetPass process will scan your workstation.

NetPass Overview

Laptops must pass the NetPass test before connecting to the wired network on campus and in the Library. NetPass is a computer vulnerability inspection program implemented in the Library, residence halls and Greek houses designed to help prevent common or potentially harmful network viruses, worms, and other threats. To protect the NU Network from these threats, students are not granted access to the Internet unless their computers are free of vulnerabilities.

If a vulnerability is detected on a laptop, NetPass will present "clean-up" instructions and/or information to help solve the problem. With these self-service solutions, students can often avoid calls to their ResCon or the NUIT Support Center. Once vulnerabilities are repaired, NetPass will re-scan the computer before granting the student network access.