Information Commons Bulletin Board Policy

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The Library bulletin board, located next to the Circulation Desk on Level 1, serves as a place to post campus announcements and other events of interest to the Northwestern community.

The John P. McGowan Information Commons staff has responsibility for monitoring and maintaining the material posted on the bulletin board. Groups and individuals who wish to post information should present their poster to the person at the Information Commons desk. Only one copy of each poster or flyer is permitted. Designated Information Commons staff will review materials, and if they meet the bulletin board criteria, they will be stamped, dated, and posted by a staff member. All posted material will be removed the day after the advertised event or after a total of two weeks, if the flyer does not announce a date-specific special event. All inappropriate postings will be removed immediately.

Appropriate bulletin board materials and announcements may be defined as the following:

  1. Scholarships and study abroad programs, not limited to those associated with Northwestern University
  2. Open library positions (announcements for other jobs should be posted at Norris Student Center)
  3. Research studies
  4. University programs, defined as any event taking place on Northwestern University’s campus
  5. Any library program, not limited to Northwestern University Library
  6. Cultural events
  7. Sporting activities on campus or in Evanston
  8. Rummage sales in which the proceeds benefit Northwestern University
  9. Posters for Northwestern University Associated Government campaigns, one per ticket, may be posted 2 weeks before the election.