Software & Hardware

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The Astrahan Information Center in the science and engineering library is equipped with four carrels that may be used by library patrons who wish to connect their laptop computers to the Northwestern University campus network. These carrels include a power strip and a network cable for use Ethernet cards which use the 10BaseT standard. There are no phone connections avalaible in the Astrahan Information Center for use with modems.

Hardware Requirements

10BaseT Ethernet card, installed a properly configured for your computer.

Software Requirements:

 NUIT Software Installer, a downloadable CD image that is distributed by Northwestern University, installed properly configure for your computer. You can purchase the NuNet Installer software at the IT Information Center in Kresge Hall.

Procedures for Attaching Your Laptop to the Network Connection:

1) Attached the cable provided in the carrel to the Ethernet card in your computer.

2) Turn on your system in the usual manner. If your workstation is properly configured to use BOOTP or DHCP your network card will initialize and attach to the campus network. You are now ready to use any Internet application.

The network connections in the Astrahan Information Center are configured to use the BOOTP and DHCP network protocols. BOOTP and DHCP are network protocols that dynamically assign an Internet addresses (IP address) to your computer. The Internet address assigned will be valid for this session only and will only work from a laptop carrel in the Astrahan Information Center. BOOTP and DHCP are the same network protocols, which are used in Northwestern University student residence halls. If you have been using your computer with the network connection in your room, it is very likely that your computer is already configured correctly for use in the Astrahan Information Center.

If you have been using your laptop in a Northwestern University department office, you may have been assigned a specific Internet address for use in your office. In this case your computer will not work properly with the network connections in the Astrahan Information Center unless you re-configure your copy of the NuNet Installer software to use the BOOTP or DHCP protocols. Consult your school or department Units-Rep for assistance with re-configuring your software.

Help for Configuring Your Computer:

 The library staff is not equipped to assist you with technical questions about installing your Ethernet card or the NUIT Software Installer. Laptop consulting is available for Northwestern University students, faculty, and staff at the IT Information Center in the Kresge Hall, (847) 491- HELP. Information is also available over the Web from the Universtiy Information Technology