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Faculty Publications

The Main Art Library is proud to announce a new project beginning with the Spring 2016 quarter. Twice each month, the Art Library showcases our new art titles, displaying them near the entrance to the Eloise W. Martin Reading Room. We are now expanding the display on our new books table to include an area devoted to highlighting the work of the distinguished faculty in the Departments of Art History and Art Theory & Practice. These are the scholars with whom we are most closely affiliated, and we are excited to be able to recognize and promote their work.

Our purpose is two-fold. First, we want to acknowledge the singular scholarship and achievements of our faculty, drawing attention to their publications by displaying them prominently within the library. But we also hope to engage with our students, encouraging them to expand their academic horizons by introducing them to the scholarship of the Northwestern faculty who have made art not only their life's work, but their passion as well.