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Making Connections

January 19-April 15
Deering Library, third floor

Like a traveler catching a connecting flight on a world-spanning quest, a researcher in a library is often hunting to find that one elusive link that connects an idea's starting point with its destination. Libraries build their holdings painstakingly to encourage such connections — but sometimes the “Aha” moment is the result of serendipity, when a collection contributed by a donor yields unexpected insights or clues no library could have acquired otherwise.

Amid the hundreds of thousands of books, journals, records and reports in the Transportation Library, you’ll find more than 14,000 items donated by scholars and transportation enthusiasts. These collections, hand-built by the collector’s particular interests and curiosity, sometimes contain the rare and unexpected, from one-of-a-kind objects to never-before-seen photographs.

These surprise insights connect researchers to new ideas and possibilities – they may even connect to other collections supplied by donors. The strength of a research partner like the Transportation Library is that these individual threads can combine to form ropes, and ropes to form a bridge, connecting research in surprising ways.

Including queenly coronation timetables, Concorde passenger kits and even airline menus that double as sun reflectors, this exhibit offers a peek inside these donated collections and opens the door for connections yet to be discovered at the intersection of benefactors and researchers.​