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Printing Instructions

Whether you are working at a computer at the library or working remotely, you will print through the Northwestern Print. A NetID and password are required to log in. You will need to first send a print job, and then release the job from a library printer.

Note: Guests who would like to print will need to request a guest netID in the library.

Send a print job from a library workstation

  1. To print from a library workstation, follow the normal procedure for printing from a PC or Macintosh (i.e. click File>Print).
  2. On the print options menu, you will choose black & white or color.
  3. You can go to any black & white or color printer to release a job. Printers are available in University and Mudd Libraries.

Send a print job from a laptop, phone or tablet on campus

  1. Confirm you are connected to eduroam. The Northwestern Print page will not load unless you are connected to the Northwestern network.
  2. Login to Northwestern Print using your NetID and password.
  3. Click on the "Web Print" link in the site's left-hand navigation.
  4. Click on the "Submit a Job" link.
  5. Select Student Pay Web Print.
  6. Select the style of print you need; choose between double-sided or single-sided, and choose between black/white or color.
  7. Enter the number of copies of your document you wish to print. 
  8. Upload your document(s). The number of copies and print options you selected in the previous steps will apply to all documents you upload. Click on the "upload from computer" button to choose your files, or drag files into the box.
  9. When you have selected your document, click on the "Upload & Complete" button.
  10. When you arrive at the library, visit a printer and release the print job. If you do not release your job within 24 hours of uploading a file to your queue it will be automatically deleted.

Please note: Northwestern Print is only available over the Northwestern network (wired, wireless, and VPN) and is not available over the Guest-Northwestern wireless network. Help connecting to the Northwestern network can be found on the NUIT website or by requesting assistance from the NUIT Support Center.

How to release a printing job

  1. Go to a black & white or color printer in the library, depending which queue you chose, in order to release your print job.
  2. Tap your Wildcard on the screen or scan the QR code on the printer.
  3. Login to Mobile Release web interface using your NetID & Password.
  4. Select the print job(s) you would like to release at that printer location. To print all your print jobs at once, leave all documents checked and press “Release (xx)”.
  5. Pick up your print jobs from the printer.