International Documents Collection

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About the International Documents Collection

The International Documents Collection contains the publications of approximately 25 intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), a few non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and supporting materials from private publishers. The collection spans the WWI era to the present. Gov Info has been a depository library of the United Nations since 1946, the European Union since 1970, the Organization of the American States since 1962, and became a depository library of the World Tourism Organization in 2002. In addition, the department purchases sales publications from those organizations and over twenty other IGOs.

The International Document Collection contains useful material for researchers of global issues. National governments often overlook or do not have the resources necessary to evaluate issues that affect themselves and their neighbors. Issues that transcend borders include: development, globalization, finance, health, labor, migration, refugees, trade and war. IGOs also work to promote human rights, protection of the environment, and issues relating to women and children. 

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