Library News

March 30, 2012
A bargain hunter's paradise open to all!
March 28, 2012
Printing upgrade effective June 11, 2012 will change how users pay for printing
March 28, 2012
Join us as we celebrate all that libraries have to offer
March 23, 2012
A lecture on the women's building library at the World's Columbian Exposition
March 23, 2012
New exhibit explores the history of dance at Northwestern
March 20, 2012
Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Tara McPherson, and Katherine Rowe
March 6, 2012
Longer hours and a study break at the library
February 22, 2012
Humanists with Dirty Fingers: Renaissance Correctors and the Origins of Editing
February 16, 2012
New borrowing service offers access to millions of books
February 15, 2012
New exhibit explores library's hidden treasures