Imagination Without Borders

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Imagination Without Borders (website) introduces the work of Japanese visual artist TOMIYAMA Taeko and, to a lesser extent, the paintings and prints of MARUKI Toshi & MARUKI Iri and Eleanor RUBIN.  All four think of themselves as political artists and see their work as a protest against social injustice and the suffering such injustice causes.  Having the four of them been affected by World War II, their art reflects a shared belief that war is a disaster for everyone.

This website, like the book it accompanies, lays out the historical and biographical context in which this art emerged but, like all successful creative endeavors, has the potential to open out in many different directions.  Viewers are invited to engage with the images as they wish.

This website was a joint project created by the Northwestern University Library, Web Techologies, Digital Collections, and Enterprise Systems departments.