Marjorie I. Mitchell Multimedia Center

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 The Marjorie Iglow Mitchell Multimedia Center houses and provides access to a circulating video library of more than 30,000 titles, including:

  • DVDs
  • 1/2" VHS videotapes
  • laserdiscs
  • CDs

The collection covers:

  • documentaries
  • all areas of the performing arts
  • feature films
  • television series

A current NU WildCARD or valid borrowers card is required to use our facilities and to check out media.

The Multimedia Center is equipped to handle viewing on an individual basis at any of its eight (8) self-service carrels. Each carrel is equipped with a private color monitor, stereo headphones, VCR, and combination laser disc / DVD player or Blu-ray player. Some carrels sport 13" color monitors, while others offer LCD flat-screens. One carrel is dedicated to PAL format playback. The Multimedia Center also offers a carrel with closed captioning.

In addition, there are three screening rooms for faculty to schedule group viewing of media.

Class assignments and teaching/research viewing of titles take priority over other viewing. If all carrels are occupied, non-course related viewers may be asked to continue viewing at a later time or date to provide access for required viewing.

Individuals may bring their own media for viewing, provided that such use is for academic purposes and does not violate U.S. copyright law. Materials from the Main Library's Reserve may also be viewed in the carrels.