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New and Notables

Campany, David, and Walker Evans. Walker Evans : The Magazine Work. First ed. 2014.

Faroqhi, Suraiya. A Cultural History of the Ottomans : The Imperial Elite and Its Artefacts. 2016.

Galassi, Peter, Robert Frank, and Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts at Stanford University, Host Institution. Robert Frank in America. First ed. 2014.

Hatoum, Assche, Wallis, Hatoum, Mona, Assche, Christine Van, Wallis, Clarrie, Centre Georges Pompidou, Host Institution, Tate Britain, Tate Gallery, and Centre Beaubourg. Mona Hatoum. English ed. 2016. 

James, Sara Nair. Art in England : The Saxons to the Tudors, 600-1600. 2016.

Kapoor, Anish, Greg. Hilty, Andrea. Rose, National Gallery of Modern Art, and Mehoob Studios. Anish Kapoor. London: British Council : Lisson Gallery, 2011.

Khrushchak, Marii︠a︡, and I︠E︡rmilovT︠S︡entr. Suchasni Ukraïnsʹki Khudoz︠h︡nyky : Kataloh Vystavky = Contemporary Ukrainian Artists : Exhibition Catalogue. Serii︠a︡ Ukraïnsʹkoho Suchasnoho Mystet︠s︡tva. 2012.

Lifshitz, Sébastien, Gerhard Steidl, and Isabelle Chemin. Amateur : A Collection of Found Photographs. First ed. 2016.

Morse, Trent. Ballpoint Art. 2016.

Spiller, Neil. Architecture and Surrealism : A Blistering Romance. 2016.

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