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Transportation Library

New and Notable

  • Panama Canal Construction Photographs: A collection of 74 original photographs from the Panama Canal Zone, taken between approximately 1904 and 1914. 37 photographs depict the construction of the Panama Canal, 13 photographs depict the construction of the Panama Railroad, and 24 photographs depict other views of the Canal Zone.
  • Early Automobile Companies Ephemera Collection, 1910-1932: This recently-digitized collection consists of published advertising and marketing brochures, maps, guides and general information about automobiles. As a whole, the collection gives a view of the many automobile companies that thrived at the beginning of the 20th century, as well as a burgeoning travel industry.
  • Transportation Library Newsletter: for information on fall services and research support.
  • William R. Hough Timetable Collection: A new blog post looks at the significance of a collection assembled by an individual with a lifelong devotion to collecting in transportation.