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Transportation Library

The Transportation Library was founded in 1958 to support the curricula and research programs of the Transportation Center and the Center for Public Safety. Containing more than 500,000 items, the Transportation Library of Northwestern University is one of the largest transportation information centers in the world, encompassing information on all transportation modalities, including: air, rail, highway, pipeline, water, urban transport and logistics. It includes significant collections on law enforcement, police management and traffic enforcement. Its collection of environmental impact statements is one of the most complete in the world.

New and Notable

The George M. Foster Timetable Collection, comprised of 1766 timetables issued between 1929 and 1991 (1695 airline, 56 railroad, and 15 ship and ferry), is a companion to the Transportation Library Menu Collection. It provides contextual depth for that collection, as many of the timetables include Foster's notes as to flight date and time, and can be matched to his annotated menus.