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The Northwestern Libraries are comprised of the following organizational units. Learn about the services each one provides and find contact information below.

Access Services

The Access Services Department delivers resources to users, wherever they may be, whether the resources are from the University Libraries collections or from collections of other libraries. The action philosophy of the department is "Get it For Them" or GIFT.

Three units make up Access Services:

  • Circulation Services 
  • Multimedia and Microform Services
  • Resource Sharing and Reserve Services

Contact Access Services

  • Phone: 847-491-7633
  • Email


The Acquisitions Department handles the establishment of library collections, including online content. This includes: 

  • Acquiring and licensing the collections materials selected by the library subject specialists
  • Receiving, checking-in, claiming, and paying for library collections materials
  • Establishing and maintaining seamless access to online content
  • Initiating and fulfilling requests for collection analysis and assessment

Contact Acquisitions

  • Phone: 847-491-2933
  • Fax: 847-491-7637
  • Email

Assessment & Planning

Mission and Primary Activities: To develop and facilitate collaborative library assessment initiatives, planning, and project management processes that demonstrate the library’s success in meeting strategic goals and supporting the University strategic plan.

  • Provide leadership to promote the integration of assessment into all aspects of library services and operations.
  • Create a library assessment plan that can measure the success of library initiatives and incorporate that knowledge into strategic planning.
  • Develop new assessment tools and processes, in consultation with library leaders, to enable data-driven strategic decisions.
  • Provide guidance and support for strategic and budget planning, business analysis, project management and internal data stewardship.
  • Develop and maintain a project management template bank and provide support for its use.
  • Create communities of practice around project management, assessment and data ownership stewardship.

Contact Assessment & Planning

  • Phone: 847-467-5488
  • Email

Business & Receiving

The Business and Receiving Department is committed to delivering exceptional customer service to the University Libraries faculty, staff, students, patrons as well vendors and other University constituents.  Our departments charge is to help our customers/stakeholders with any purchasing, travel/reimbursements, budgetary, receiving/delivering/shipping, revenue collections, and/or payments/invoicing needs.  The Library Business and Receiving Department promotes and upholds all University policies and procedures. 

The Business and Receiving Department helps customers and stakeholders with:

  • Accounts Receivable (manage the Income due to the University Libraries for services provided)
  • Accounts Payable- (manage the ordering, vendor payments, and monthly budget and expense statements)
  • Travel (manage the travel needs and reimbursement of the Library faculty, staff, and visitors)
  • Shipping and Receiving of  library materials
  • Mail Services
  • Miscellaneous incoming truck freight and vendor deliveries
  • Maintenance/Service of NUL copiers

Contact Business Department:

Contact Receiving Department:

Digital Scholarship Services

Digital Scholarship Services supports Northwestern faculty and graduate students by exploring of new models for disseminating research results and developing programs that support long-term retention and reuse of the University's scholarly output.

Our services include:

  • Guidance on copyright in scholarly research, publishing and teaching
  • Support and expertise with digital platforms and tools for work in the humanities
  • Assistance in developing research data management plans and strategies
  • The Northwestern Open Access Fund for Northwestern scholars 

Contact Digital Scholarship Services

  • Phone: 847-467-1506
  • Email

Distinctive Collections

The Distinctive Collections create and manage of special, archival and other curated collections in specific subject areas, uniting rich primary, original, rare, and unique materials in traditional and digital—among them text, manuscript, photograph, film, sound, and image­--with strong and diverse collections of supporting published materials.

Distinctive Collections Departments include:

  • Art Library
  • Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies
  • Music Library
  • Preservation
  • Transportation Library
  • Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections
  • University Archives

Contact Distinctive Collections

  • Phone: 847-491-2923
  • Email

Facilities Operations & Security Management

The Facilities Operations and Security Management Department works to provide a welcoming, safe, well maintained, and comfortable environment that meets the needs of the Northwestern community. This includes: 

  • Staffing entrance/exit desks at Main and Deering Libraries
  • Overseeing library security and building services
  • Ensuring emergency preparedness
  • Library space planning

Contact Facilities Operations & Security Management

  • Phone: 847-491-7636
  • Fax: 847-491-8306
  • Email

IT Infrastructure

The IT Infrastructure Department provides and supports the technological needs of library staff and our patrons. In addition to installing and implementing new services and systems, it supports and maintains servers, systems, workstations and applications through their technology life cycle. Key services include: 

  • Desktop support for library staff and patrons, including printing and application support
  • Purchasing, tracking and licensing of software
  • Training of Library staff and managing the Library IT Help Desk
  • Server administration and maintenance of Linux and Windows boxes, including patching, security, backup building new systems
  • Collaborating with NUIT, including complying with University IT policies, as well as other Technology Units across campus

Contact IT Infrastructure

  • Phone: 847-491-8385
  • Email

Marketing & Communication

Marketing & Communication handles outreach for the library to Northwestern and off-campus audiences, including Footnotes magazine, the library website, social media accounts and various print publications


Metadata Services

Metadata Services acquires, creates, maintains, and shares metadata for library resources; serves as a leader in cataloging, metadata, and library platform communities; and contributes to the development and implementation of metadata systems and standards at the national and international levels.

Contact Metadata & Discovery Services

  • Phone: 847-491-4426
  • Email

Organizational Development

Organizational Development implements the Library's human resources policies and programs, including recruitment, training, staff development, compensation, employee relations and records management. The Organizational Development staff serve as the primary source for the Library Administration in planning personnel policies and procedures and as the liaison to the University's Department of Human Resources.

Contact Organizational Development

  • Phone: 847-491-7668
  • Fax: 847-467-1284
  • Email


The Preservation Department preserves library collections in all formats, including books, archival materials, audio, film and digital collections. The department's In-house and vendor-based preservation services include shelf preparation, commercial binding, mass deacidification, microfilming and digitization.

The department includes a conservation lab with conservators and technicians who perform a broad range of conservation treatments. In-house conservation services are aimed at preserving both general and special collections as well as providing support for a dynamic program of exhibits and outreach.

Contact Preservation

  • Phone: 847-491-3837
  • Fax: 847-491-8306
  • Email

Print Collection Management

Print Collection Management (PCM) develops and implements procedures, policies, and special projects to leverage the strengths of the Libraries' collections, facilities, and partnerships in an expanding shared-print environment.

PCM manages books, journals, and other items held in open stacks and reading rooms of University Library, Deering Library, and Mudd Library, as well as materials held offsite in the Oak Grove Library Center and resources shelved in other campus locations. Specific functions of PCM include shelving, physical arrangement, inventory control, and retrieval services for print collections on the Evanston campus, and all intake, management, retrieval, and delivery functions of Oak Grove Library Center.

Contact Print Collection Management

  • Phone: 847-491-7663
  • Email

Repository & Digital Curation

Repository & Digital Curation provides digitization services and support to Northwestern faculty and graduate students. It partners with Library and University departments to provide these services and to undertake special digitization projects that bring Northwestern's unique and rare collections to researchers around the world.

The department is also responsible for the development and administration of the Library's digital repository.

Contact Repository & Digital Curation

Research & Learning Services

The Research and Learning Services Department (RLS) unifies the functions and services formerly provided by the Academic Liaison Services, Reference and Government & Geographic Information & Data Services Departments. The RLS Department organizes and provides a suite of services to the Northwestern community, including:

  • Providing information on materials accessibility
  • Assisting patrons with both general and specialized research, including customized services for different disciplines and interdisciplinary groups
  • Providing data and geospatial services
  • Providing library instruction, tours, and workshops to students, faculty and staff

Contact Research & Learning Services

  • Phone: 847-491-5622
  • Email

User Experience

The User Experience Department (UXD) implements programs and services to support improved library experiences for all users, including:

  • Developing customized programs and services to support the undergraduate curriculum
  • Ensuring the security, comfort and adaptability of all library spaces, and managing University Library's Information Commons and Core
  • Identifying and promoting the use of new technologies, and working to ensure that adopted technologies are functional, efficient and intuitive
  • Assessing library services to ensure they meet the needs of the Northwestern community 

Contact User Experience

  • Phone: 847-491-7658
  • Fax: 847-491-5678
  • Email