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Manuscripts and Archives

Items from our archives are listed alphabetically below. Many of these entries include links to descriptions and contents lists.

For a broader list of materials: 

Collection Description ID
Ableman, Paul  Typescripts and drafts for Ableman's play, Green Julia. See collection details. MS19
African-American Documents Documents and correspondence on the slave trade and slave cargos in the Americas, including bills of sale, manumission papers and wills with bequests regarding slaves, from 1750-1895. See collection details. MS101
Agentzia Press Archive Files of the Agentzia Press, including correspondence and manuscripts, kept by editor Jochen Gerz. See collection details. MS54
Aldridge, Ira Correspondence, photographs, musical manuscripts and other documents related to 19th century African American tragedian, Ira Fredrick Aldridge. See collection details. MS4
Algren, Nelson MS37
America First Materials from the America First Committee, a group opposed to American entry into World War II, as well as materials from other American groups and German propaganda from the 1930s. See collection details. MS10
Andersen Awards Materials for the Hans Christian Andersen Awards to children's book authors and illustrators, 1992-2014. See collection details. MS121
Architects, French 19th Century Letters of 19th century French architects. See collection details. MS58
Armory Show Correspondence related to the First International Exhibition held by the Association of American Painters and Sculptors in 1913. See collection details. MS95
Auhagen, Friedrich Articles, newspaper clippings and correspondence related to Friedrich Auhagen's arrest and trial before the Dies Commission for possible Nazi activities. See collection details. MS110
Beardsley, Aubrey Annotated excerpts and photographs from Beardsley bibliographies, holographic notes and a book typescript. See collection details. MS115
Beck, Joseph MS117
Berkeley Folk Music Festival More than 30,000 items, including photographs, tapes, press clippings and publicity from the Berkeley Folk Music Festivals, 1957-70. See collection details. MS63
Berkeley Free Speech Movement Serials, records, tapes, photographs, reports and letters related to the series of large and student-led protests on the UC Berkeley campus in 1964-65. See collection details. MS68
Berry, Francis MS39
Biblioteca Femina Records document of the Northwestern University Library's collection of books by women, 1932-73. See collection details. MS72
Bilbie, Henry G Journal of Bilbie, a member of the Minnesota Volunteers who participated in an expedition against the Sioux in 1862-63. See collection details.  MS. 83
Breit, Harvey Correspondence sent to Breit, a reviewer for the New York Times Book Review from 1940-65. See collection details. MS1
Breton, André Correspondence, poetry manuscripts and typescripts pertaining to Breton and related Surrealist artists, writers and thinkers. See collection details. MS160
Brett, Dorothy Correspondence, diaries and autobiographical papers of artist Dorothy Brett, a member of the Bloomsbury group. See collection details. MS27
Buttons (political, etc) MS112
Century of Progress Archival material on various national and international expositions and world fairs, including material on the 1933 world's fair in Chicago known as the Century of Progress Exposition. See collection details. MS60, MS122
Charleston County, South Carolina Records including deeds, court records, wills and inventory lists, from the South Carolina settlement of Charles Town, 1719-63. See collection details. MS119
Chicago Commission on Women's Affairs Materials from the Chicago mayor's advisory Commission on Women's Affairs, 1984. See collection details. MS126
Chicago Theatres Scrapbooks Scrapbooks filled with clippings, programs, reviews and publicity generated for the theatre seasons between 1908 and 1915. See collection details. MS131
Civil War Correspondence, diaries and other materials related to the soldier's experience during the Civil War, home front trials and reflections or analysis after the war. See collection details.  MS62, MS86
Clarke, Elizabeth Archive of Elizabeth Clarke, a resident of Lake Forest, Illinois, who served on the Illinois Commission on the Status of Women and its successor, the Citizens Council on Women. See collection details. MS127
Clergy Consultation Service Articles and newspaper ephemera on abortion and files related to the National Clergy Consultation Service on Abortion, the Chicago Clergy Consultation Service on Problem Pregnancies, and the Illinois Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights. See collection details. MS128
Columbus Railroad MS57
Commission to Defend America Propaganda from the Commission to Defend America and similar groups encouraging America to enter World War II, 1940-42. See collection details. MS67
Concrete Poetry MS28
Father Coughlin Bibliographic materials collected on Father Charles Edward Coughlin, a Roman Catholic priest who promoted his own brand of social justice during the 1930s and early 1940s. See collection details. MS25
Cragg, Miriam MS70
Craig, Edward Gordon Materials, books and periodicals of theater actor, director and writer Edward Gordon Craig. See collection details. MS100
Cuneo Studio Materials Records associated with Cuneo Press, Inc., Chicago's second largest printing firm, from 1751-2014. See collection details. MS55
Cutler, Manasseh Letters and journals (1762-1820) of Dr. Manasseh Cutler, who served in the Revolutionary War and served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. See collection details.
Daiches, David MS29
Dawes, Charles G. Correspondence, journals, manuscripts, records and clippings of businessman and politician Charles Dawes, 1884-1951. See collection details.
Dawes, Helen and Rufus Personal correspondence, clippings and ephemera of Rufus Dawes, brother of Charles Dawes, and his wife, Helen. See collection details. MS84
Dean, Teresa Article clippings and drafts by female war correspondent, Teresa Dean, who covered the Spanish-American War, Boxer Rebellion and other insurrections. See collection details. MS48
Death Collection Personal collection of horror writer Michael McDowell, including photographs, jewelry, hairworks, scrapbooks and more, from 1616-2005. See collection details. AS10
Democratic National Convention, 1968 Periodical articles and materials related to the 1968 Democratic National Convention. See collection details. MS61
Derleth, August Wm MS65
Di Prima, Diane MS79
Dolan, Thomas MS24
Donohue, C.W. Scrapbook of articles created by the family of Catherine Wolfe Donohue, who contracted radium poisoning while an employee of the Radium Dial Company and was part of a class-action suit against the company. See collection details. MS113
Dorr, Joseph B. Manuscripts, documents, journal entries and family correspondence written by Civil War soldier Joseph Dorr between 1837 and 1902. See collection details. MS62
Dublin Gate Theatre Production scripts, notebooks, correspondence and other materials related to the Dublin Gate Theatre, 1928-79. See collection details.
Edinburgh Drama Conference, 1963 Correspondence related to the 1963 International Drama Conference. See collection details. MS61
Edwards, George MS64
Election Campaigns MS114
Eliot, T.S. Correspondence of T.S. Eliot to fellow authors Stephen Spender and John Middleton Murry. See collection details. MS2
Erickson, Rolf MS109
Expositions Archival material on various national and international expositions and world fairs, including material on the 1933 world's fair in Chicago known as the Century of Progress Exposition. See collection details. MS60
Fair, Ronald Manuscripts, drafts, publications and correspondence of Ronald Fair. See collection details. MS80
Falley, Margaret More than 3,000 books on Irish and American genealogy. See collection details. MS102
Fansler/Whitman Books, manuscripts and correspondence of Walt Whitman collected by Ralph Fansler. See collection details. MS89
Finlay, Ian Hamilton Ian Hamilton Finlay's published poems, cards, prints, and booklets, as well as the issues of Poor. Old. Tired. Horse. See collection details. MS35
Garnett Family Papers Correspondence, manuscripts, journals, documents, photographs and other archival materials related to members of the British Garnett family from the 18th-20th centuries. See collection details. MS164
Garnett, David, Edward and Richard Correspondence spans three generations of the Garnett family, consisting of more than 700 pages of correspondence written to Richard (1835–1906), his son Edward (1868–1937), and Edward's son David (1892–1981). See collection details. MS3
Gascoyne, David Cards, letters, pamphlets and ephemera removed from books in the library of David Gascoyne, a British surrealist writer. See collection details. MS167
General Seeger Production Archive Scripts, correspondence, playbills and other materials related to the play written by Ira Levin. See collection details. MS134
Gertz, Elmer MS97
Godfrey, E. Drexel The E. Drexel Godfrey Theater Scrapbooks playbills, photo clippings and approximately 1900 black & white photographs documenting performances from 1906-1928. See collection details. MS163
Goodman, Joan Recorded celebrity interviews conducted by journalist Joan Goodman, as well as files, manuscripts, photos and other documents. See collection details.  MS174
Goldwater, Barry Newspaper ephemera surrounding 1964 national and local elections, Barry Goldwater's candidacy and the John Birch Society. See collection details. MS87
Graduate Committee on the Study of Women MS74
Graves, Abraham D. MS40
Greenleaf Mss MS41
Gregory, Lady MS23
Hamill & Barker Files and correspondence for the Hamill & Barker, Inc., which represented Bloomsbury Group writers. See collection details.  MS90
Hammer, Victor Articles, publications, contact sheets, print proofs and printed keepsakes of or relating to printer Victor Hammer. See collection details. MS137
Hand & Flower Press Tributes to Erika Marx, founder of Hand and Flower Press. See collection details.
Harford & Lynn See collection details.
Herman, Jan Files of the NOVA Broadcast Press which published San Francisco Earthquake (1967-1969), a magazine featuring avant-garde writers and concrete and beat generation poets of the 1960s. See collection details. MS51
Higgins, Dick Correspondence, works, collages, slides  graphic productions, films, audio and videotapes, performance scores and photographs of Fluxus cofounder Dick Higgins. See collection details. MS132
Hone, Joseph MS46
Hungry Generation Poems, Indian periodicals and other materials associated with "Hungry Generation" Indian poets of the 1960s and early 70s. See collection details. MS47
IL Caucus for Adolescent Health Meeting minutes, files and organizational materials related to the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health, earlier known as the Illinois Caucus on Teenage Pregnancy, 1967-1997 (for both organizations). See collection details. MS138
Irish National Theater Society MS56
Janin, Jules MS12
Johnson, Lionel Letter, note and poem by poet Lionel Johnson. See collection details.
Johnson, Samuel MS44
Jones, Leroi Files of social activist Leroi Jones, from his publication of The Moderns anthology. See collection details. MS7
Jones, Wayne Records dating back to the 16th century, including census data, probate records, church records, military records, etc., used for personal genealogy research. See collection details. MS103 (off-site)
Joyce, James Letters between the American artist Myron Nutting and Joyce, as well as Nutting's journals and other documents. See collection details. MS8
Kamen, Paula Interviews conducted by playwright Paula Kamen with men and women associated with the clandestine JANE abortion service in Chicago between 1969 and 1972. See collection details. MS125
King, S.W. MS82
Knauss, Jenny - Collection & Personal Papers Jenny Knauss's personal topical files related to the Chicago Women's Liberation Union and feminist health issues, primarily in Chicago, between 1971 and 1978. See collection details. MS93, MS162
Krutch, Joseph W. MS81
Landy, Avrom M. Avrom Landy's completed a manuscript for a book titled, "The United States and the Paris Commune of 1871." See collection details. MS106
Lasker, Albert Materials used by Arthur W. Schultz and Jeffrey L. Cruikshank while writing The Man Who Sold America: The Amazing (but True!) Story of Albert D. Lasker and the Creation of the Advertising Century. See collection details. MS172
Lawrence, D.H. Correspondence, typescripts, proofs, photographs and two original drawings from publisher William H. Heineman's files for 1932's The Letters of D.H. Lawrence, edited by Aldous Huxley. See collection details. MS11, MS88
Leopold & Loeb Through correspondence, newspaper clippings, court documents, miscellanea, photographs, publications, and more, this collection focuses on the arc of Nathan Freudenthal Leopold Jr's life. See collection details. MS85
Levy, Hyman Papers of Hyman Levy, including more than 5,000 pages of notes regarding articles, lectures on mathematics, science, philosophy, religion and politics, including Jewish issues. See collection details. MS69
Little Miami Railroad MS57
Loujon Press  Files for The Outsider magazine, published by Loujon Press between 1961 and 1969, including manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, drawings and cover plates. See collection details. MS83
Maclaren-Ross, J MS56
Man Behind the Mask MS75
Manzanar Relocation Camp See collection details.
Maxwell, John M. Drafts and revisions of Maxwell's book, The Man Behind the Mask. See collection details. MS75
McCutcheon, John T. More than 450 original drawings of political cartoonist John McCutcheon's cartoons created between 1895 and 1946. See collection details.
McIntyre and Heath Files of the vaudeville partnership of James McIntyre and Thomas Heath which spanned more than five decades from 1874 until 1927. See collection details. MS133
McWilliams, Jim Archive of the artist's correspondence, photographs, clippings, design work and media from 1960-2015. See collection details. MS176
Mediterranean Shipping Co. Company records of the Mediterranean Shipping and Trading Company, Ltd., which operated out of Tel-Aviv from 1933 to1957 or possibly later. See collection details. MS148
Mill, John Stuart MS13
Miller, Kaye MS61
Moore, George MS98
Moorman, Charlotte Currently in-progress; inquire at
Mott, Michael Drafts and notes for writer Michael Mott’s published and unpublished works, both poetry and prose; journals, diaries and notebooks; and correspondence from 1965-1989. See collection details. MS59
N.O.W/Chicago MS66
Nesbit, Wilbur Dick Papers of writer and advertising pioneer Wilbur Dick Nesbit, including personal papers, correspondence and literary  works. See collection details. MS53
Nin, Anais Manuscripts, proofs and galleys to much of Anais Nin's writing from 1925-1964, included are early unpublished works, short stories, unfinished novels and plays and various stages of major works. See collection details. MS14
Nixon, Wm. Penn MS45
Norman poetry (Poinsot) MS50
Norway WWII (Quisling) see Wexelsen, Wilhelm MS52
Nuremberg Trial Materials amassed by court reporter Charles J. Gallagher, including notebooks for trial sessions from 1945-1948; copies of some of the transcripts, documents, and affidavits; and other materials. See collection details. MS71
Nutting, Helen & Myron (Joyce) MS30
O'Brien, Kate Archive of author Kate O'Brien, including novels and books, articles, unpublished materials, lectures and talks. See collection details. MS16
O'Faolain, Sean Collection of writer Sean O’Faolain, including correspondence with his publishers at Atlantic Monthly Press, Little, Brown, and Curtis Brown between 1955 and 1959. See collection details. MS96
O'Neill, James Correspondence and papers collected by James O'Neill, 1915-1920. See collection details. MS18
Pearson, Hesketh Actor, director and writer Hesketh Pearson's manuscripts, holograph notebooks, and miscellaneous research notebooks. See collection details. MS129
Peet, Rev. Stephen Reverend Peet's 1839 survey of Wisconsin's churches and 31 communities, including descriptions of the countryside, customs and characteristics of the population. See collection details.
Pinker, James B. Client correspondence files of James Pinker. See collection details and a list of author and publisher cross references. AS5
Poinsot, M.C. MS50
Potts, Paul Notebooks, letters, manuscripts, typescripts and some photographs of street poet, Paul Potts. See collection details. MS156
Prampolini, E. Collection of letters was written to Italian author Enrico Prampolini by various writers. See collection details.
Pritchett, V.S. V.S. Pritchett's manuscripts for essays for New Statesman, 1970-79. See collection details. MS17
Quisling, Vidkun see Wexelsen, Wilhelm MS52
Railroads MS57
Réalités Nouvelles Photographs, autographs, manuscripts and papers of Réalités Nouvelles, a Parisian abstract art group. See collection details. MS161
Republican National Committee Subject files and serials held by the Chicago headquarters of the Republican National Committee's Western Division. See collection details. MS92
Riding (Jackson), Laura Collection of galleys, typescripts and correspondence of writer Laura Riding (Jackson). See collection details. MS31
Right Wing MS87
Rosenberg Defense Comm. Rosenberg Defense Committee-related correspondence, but contains some pamphlets, news articles and documents. See collection details. MS78
Scott, John MS49
Shuman, Andrew Correspondence to journalist and politician Andrew Shuman (1830 - 1890) or his son-in-law, Frank M. Elliot. See collection details. MS34
Smith, Elmer   MS44
Spanuth, Hans Biographical material; business records and correspondence; film and television project production records; photographs; clippings; film reels; and ephemera relating to the life and career of Hans August Spanuth. See collection details. MS43
Spencer, Herbert MS103
Spoerri, J.F. MS42
Spolin, Viola Papers of Viola Spolin, including writings, interviews, journals, drafts of theater games, and other materials that chronicle her work in improvisation and educational theater. See collection details. MS155
Stage for Action  Scripts, playbills and brochure produced by Stage for Action, Inc. includes material from theatre seasons between 1945 and 1948. See collection details. MS99
Straus, Ralph MS32
Strawn, Silas Silas Strawn's letters, memoranda, speeches, reports and correspondence from 1924 and 1927 related to U.S.-China relations. See collection details. MS20
Study Club  Yearbooks, records and topical papers related to The Study Club, a Chicago women's literary circle that met 1896-1970. See collection details. MS70
Styers, Aleta Materials related to the formation and early history of the Chicago chapter of N.O.W. as well as the Illinois branch of the organization between 1966 and 1972. See collection details. MS66
Sulzer, William See collection details. MS38
Symons, Arthur Manuscripts and letters written by Authur Symons, an editor, critic and poet. See collection details. MS124
Tambimuttu Materials including personal correspondence, manuscript submissions, photographs and personal books of Tambimuttu, an editor of poetry journals. See collection details. MS120
Tiller, Terence MS36
U.N. Tapes (women) Cassette tapes and transcripts from the United Nation Radio Service Department of Public Information radio programs covering issues related to women, 1988-2005. See collection details. MS107
Uri Orlev Collection, 1956-2009 Collection of photocopied book reviews, articles and readers' correspondence related to children's book author, Uri Orlev. See collection details. MS159
U.S. Presidents & Vice Presidents Correspondence Correspondence, documents and autographs related to U.S. Presidents and Vice Presidents. See collection details. MS111
Wagner, D.R. MS21
Wakefield Vellum Documents More than 300 vellum deeds and legal documents from the 14th century through the 20th century. See collection details.
Warhol, Andy Tapes and transcripts for interviews with Andy Warhol's friends. See collection details.  MS104
Waterfield, Robin Correspondence, financial materials, drafts of poetry and other writings, illustrations, publicity materials, and photographs relating to Tambimuttu, Jane Williams, Stanley Revell, and T.S. Eliot. See collection details. MS157
Weaver, Willis Articles written by Willis Weaver on Edwin M. Stanton, President Lincoln's Secretary of War. See collection details. MS86
Weissner, Carl Correspondence, tapes of poetry readings, manuscripts and graphic materials by international avant garde writers of the 1960s. See collection details. MS22
Wexelsen, Wilhelm Articles and statements from Norsk Artikkeltjeneste, the Norwegian News Service which operated during World War II, and anti-communist propaganda from 1943-45. See collection details. MS52
Whannel, Paddy Biographical materials, correspondence writings and course materials of Northwestern professor Paddy Whannel, a film scholar. See collection details.
Wheeler, Ada MS94
Whitman, Walt Books, manuscripts and correspondence of Walt Whitman collected by Ralph Fansler. See collection details. MS89
Wilkinson, Marjorie Correspondence between Marjorie Wilkinson and more than 40 authors from 1914-16. See collection details. MS116
Willing, Jessie G. MS91
Wilson, Colin MS33
Wilson, Lucy See collection details. MS130
Women, 19th Century and Women's Franchise League Archival materials, including the 1890-95 minutes books, related to the Women's Franchise League, also known as the National Society for Women's Suffrage in Great Britain. See collection details. MS123
Women's Collection Book and pamphlet collection of more than 3,700 titles concentrating on the contemporary women's liberation movement, 1965-85. See collection details. MS77
WWII Propaganda MS108
Wright, Richard Original typescript for author Richard Wright's Black Power, including supplemental material. See collection details. MS5
Wright, Thomas, Scrapbooks on William Blake Scrapbooks with clippings, correspondence and papers on William Blake, collected by Thomas Wright. See collection details. MS166
Yeats, John B. and William B. Correspondence related to W.B. Yeats, his father John and brother Jack. See collection details. MS6, MS23
Zenia Railroad MS57