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University and Mudd Library facilities have seminar rooms and active learning spaces for classes and groups. Visit the building maps page for detailed information and navigation assistance.


Seminar classrooms

Seminar Rooms can be reserved Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, through the Registrar's Office. After 5 pm and on weekends, they are considered study rooms and reserved through the Library's reservation system.

Find the locations of classrooms on the University Library's third, fourth and fifth level towers.

Classroom Number Level and Tower
3322  3 North
3370 3 North
3622 3 East
3670 3 East
3722 3 South
4646 4 East
4670 4 East
4722 4 South
4770 4 South
5322 5 North
5722 5 South
5746 5 South

Note that room numbers ending in 22 are to the left as you enter the tower, and room numbers ending in 70 are to the right. Room 5746 is across the tower from the entrance, near the stairway.

Active Learning Classrooms

The Libraries are home to multiple active learning spaces which are designed to encourage student collaboration, peer teaching, and active problem-based learning over a traditional lecture. Rooms are equipped with flexible furniture and digital technologies that enable group work and the practice of active learning techniques.

For more information of active learning environments and resources available across Northwestern, visit the Digital Learning website. 

The Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab (or NU Library B183) is a teaching innovation lab, where instructors and students can experiment with active learning techniques and interactive tools. The Innovation Lab is available for reservation to faculty, staff, and graduate students. View a map of the lower level to locate the Innovation Lab.

Location: University Library, B183 
Capacity: 24 people
Technology: Solstice and Cisco Spark board

Contact with questions. 

Mudd Library classrooms

The active learning classrooms in Mudd Library are available for single reservation by faculty and verified teaching assistants looking to partner with the Libraries to enhance a course. No recurring reservations will be accepted at this time. View map of Mudd Library to locate these spaces.

Large classroom, 2210

Location: Mudd Library, 2210
Capacity: 60 + speaker
Technology: Solstice screensharing

Small classroom, 2124

Location: Mudd Library, 2124
Capacity: 24 + speaker
Technology: Solstice screensharing

Contact for more information or to book either of the spaces.