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Article and Chapter Scans

You can request scans of most articles and book chapters held in print in Evanston-campus libraries and the Oak Grove Library Center. This service free of charge.

Use your Interlibrary Loan account to request scans and access scanned items. Log in to Interlibrary Loan or create an interlibrary account

Eligible materials and patrons

Request periodical articles and book chapters held in University Library, Mudd Library, Deering Library, and Oak Grove Library Center.

All members of the NU community with a valid NetID including faculty, graduate students, undergraduates and staff are eligible for this service.

Galter Health Sciences Library patrons are eligible for that library's document delivery service.

Request limits

Turnaround time

We attempt to fill all requests on the same day they are received, in the order they are received. If staffing resources are limited or total requests are high, it may take up to 4 business days for requests to be filled. If we are unable to keep this timeframe, we will let you know via email. This service should not be used for materials you need instantly or within a few hours.

For more information, please email anytime or call 847-491-7630 during office hours.