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NU Votes tool gives helpful tips for registration and voting


The 2020 election is only weeks away – make sure you're ready to vote! If you're a first time voter or you've moved since the last election, you need to register or update your registration. And if you want to want to vote by mail (the safest way to vote during COVID-19) you need to request your ballot. Voter registration and ballot request deadlines begin to close in early October, so act now! NU Votes can help:

  • Use Northwestern's new online NU Voter Tool to register, check or update your registration, or request an absentee ballot to vote by mail in any state. You’ll get helpful tips and resources along the way, plus help with printing and mailing.
  • Get live support: NU Votes staff and student leaders are available daily by email, text, and Zoom for 1-on-1 support and answers to all your voting questions.
  • If you’re in Evanston, you can use one of our new Dropboxes on campus (at Norris, Allison, or 560 Lincoln) to get help mailing your forms.
  • Or get in-person support: Visit our Voter Services Station the week of September 28 – October 2 from 12pm – 4pm daily, outside the Jacobs Center.

Learn more: Check out the online 2020 Presidential Election Education Guide to answer all your questions about the upcoming election, how to register and vote in all 50 states, how to educate yourself about what's on the ballot, and more. Plus stay tuned to for events throughout the election season.

Northwestern votes! Our turnout rates are some of the highest in the nation. But this year's challenges make it more important than ever to act now to make sure your voice is heard this November!