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Deering 208

Deering 208 is located on the Level 2 of Deering Library, to the south of the Deering entrance. Northwestern University departments, programs, and student organizations can reserve Deering 208 for workshops, presentations, retreats, and other formal social programs during Library hours. See below for special regulations on the use of the space.


Room description & equipment

The room is equipped with modular tables and chairs for an auditorium set up, small group tables, or conference square. A large table in the rear can be used for catering.

A ramp and an accessible automatic door is located at the west entrance of Deering Library. Deering 208 is located on the same level as the entrance.


The space is equipped with a lectern and microphone, 90" monitor and connected computer. Aside from ethernet connection & wireless internet access, the Libraries do not provide additional AV support for equipment set-up and operation, though instructions are provided in the room. Please arrive early to give yourself enough time to troubleshoot, should issues arise. The space is not equipped for hybrid programs.


Room use

Under University Policy, library spaces cannot be used for political events involving fund-raising or planning or participating in a political campaign. Deering 208 may not be used for events requiring a charge or entry fee at the door.

Program sponsors are responsible for the appropriate use of the space and for the good condition of the room following the event.

  • All service items and food must be removed, waste collected, and areas cleaned by the sponsor of the event.
  • Care should be taken to protect wooden tabletops from beverages and foods.
  • Sponsors are responsible for moving furniture for their needs beyond the basic set up.
  • Any signage must be taken down immediately afterwards.
  • No additional furniture may be brought into the room.


Due to its limited number of exits, Deering 208 has a maximum capacity of 50 people.

Food and beverages

The library does not have any limitations or requirements on catering providers. Deliveries of refreshments and equipment for events in Deering 208 may be made to the front entrance of Deering.

  • Sponsors serving alcoholic beverages are responsible for complying with all state, local and University regulations.
  • No food requiring open-flame heating (i.e. sterno-heated chafing dishes) may be used.
  • Sponsors must meet the caterer when they arrive and are responsible for providing all food and beverages, table service, and utensils and for set-up and clean-up as well as any additional equipment they may need for their event. Care must be taken to be as respectful as possible when bringing food through the library.
  • All liquids must have secured covers.

Special Considerations

Libraries staff are not able to provide any service for events, AV support, delivery or preparation of refreshments, or cleaning up after an event.

Basic room setups can be requested by choosing from options available on the room request form.