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Access Maps and Rare Atlases

Maps and rare atlas from our collection can be viewed in a supervised space in our location. Note that access to physical copies of maps that have been digitized is not allowed unless you can demonstrate the need which would enhance research goals.

Use the following procedures when viewing these items.

Make an appointment

The majority of maps and rare atlases are not cataloged and require additional time to identify and retrieve for use. To make an appointment, email or call the Cartographic Specialist at 847-467-3679.

Store personal belongings

You will be asked to leave bag, coat etc. in a designated area. Lockers are also available.

Complete a call slip

When you arrive, complete a Patron Registration for Map/Atlas Research and Map Collection Call Slip. Staff will review requested items and assist with completing call slips, which include:

Request reproductions

For scans or copies, you must complete a Researcher Agreement Form.