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Book Location Guide

Books housed in the University Library and Deering Library are organized first by location, then by call number. Large-sized books (identified by an L or Large) in the same range start at the end of the regular-sized ranges and are immediately to the right when you enter the tower. 

Use the tables below, along with the building maps, to find books. Wall-mounded stacks guides and maps are posted near the elevators and entrances to the University Library towers. You can also contact the Circulation Department by visiting the Circulation Desk, calling 847-491-7633 or emailing

MAIN Large Books are housed in the same rooms as corresponding regular-sized MAIN Library ranges, but shelved separately. Maps of tower rooms and the Lower Level are posted within those areas, with links to online versions included below.

Call Number Go To
000 - 299 3 North
300 - 399 4 North
400 - 799 3 North
800 - 899 4 East
900 - 999 3 East
AC - ZA 4 South
NUSearch Location Go To
Architecture Reading Room Deering Level 3
Art Library Deering Level 3
Asian Languages Collections Deering Level 2
Book Nook Level 1
Core/Core Reference 2 North
Curriculum Collection 4 South
Government Information Lower Level B190
Herskovits (000-899) 5 South
Herskovits (900-999, A-Z) 5 East
Music Collection 3 South
McCormick Library of Special Collections & University Archives Deering Level 3
Transportation Library 5 North